Real Talk for Teens

Vol. i


Pass The Hot Sauce: VOL I is our latest literary means of paying it forward to all of the young people out there that are in need of guidance and the truth containing #nofilter from women that have seen it all, heard it all, done it all, but overcame it all. The experiences within these pages are real and may even feel familiar because although our journeys are different from yours, the challenges that we all face often feel the same. 

                           -Val and SIL

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In Case Your Mama 

Didn’t Tell You

"...our parents can only offer us what they have to offer. A poor man cannot show you how to be rich. A bad person cannot show you how to be good. We can only choose to learn from their examples. "

Memories Back Then...

"I should not settle when I know that I want more.

As a woman...young, middle-aged or seasoned, We have the POWER. True love is out there, so how long will you wait for it?"

If It's Really Love

" I was that girl! The girl that just loved love and held on to it even when it hurt. I saw the same little girl who would wait for her father to call on every birthday only to never hear his voice  or wait for him to show up..."

All Eyes On Me

"Deep down I knew in my heart that I wouldn’t do that to myself, but I also knew that I needed help.  I had to escape this feeling, but who could I talk to? I couldn’t talk to my mom, brother, or friends."