About    Val and Sil


Your generational change agents, Valerie Johnson-Reed and Casilya Smith are both educators in the Houston community, multi-published authors, motivational figures. and your one and only hosts of StoryTime Chill.

Reaching authors and audiences around the world, StoryTime Chill places a new spin on storytelling by allowing the audience to virtually connect with diverse authors through live readings and Q&A with the author!

At StoryTime Chill, transparency and truth are key. StoryTime Chill's featured authors are provided a platform to peel back the layers of their story inspiration as well as their own personal stories of triumph.

As the StoryTime Chill brand continues to grow. ​our goal is to shine a light on gifted and deserving authors of color. Representation matters and now more than ever, the messages that these authors bring to the show are enough to change lives!

Broadcasts currently premiere on Wednesdays at 8 PM CST on Facebook Live!